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Bathroom Remodel: Why Packaging Matters

Bathroom Remodel: Why Packaging Matters

The last thing you want when you’re in the middle of a remodel is to have an item arrive damaged. It leaves you in a bit of a conundrum. Is the damage worth the hassle of returning it and delaying your project? Or, will you be able to just live with it for the sake of finally finishing the project? Either way, you’re not really happy.

In the world of online shopping, shipping damage happens all too often. After all, shipping increases the risk of damages, right?

Not always.

There are important steps that can be taken to minimize the chances of a damaged shipment, including:

  • Using an appropriately sized and sturdy outer box
  • Securely wrapping loose items
  • Filling empty spaces that could result in weakened areas during transit
  • Challenging the strength of the packaged product through transit testing
  • Simulating known and suspected severe hazards in the distribution environment

Taking these steps helps prevent the damage that can result from the vibrations, shocks, and other stresses normally encountered during shipping and delivery.

At Spring Mill Cabinets, we take our products and their packaging very seriously. Our engineers keep the shipping process in mind as they create our sturdy cabinets. And, each of these cabinets receives special packaging design attention to ensure that it arrives just as you expected and ready to install.  

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